Monday, August 8, 2011

Tablet Printing Tip

Tablets and smartphones are great ways to surf the web, read email, and get social. But sometimes in the wealth of viewable information you just need to simply print.

Printing should be easy, but until smartphone and tablet makers improve the process, you can follow this process to make it happen.

First download a printing app. One excellent print app for Android and iOS is Print n Share. Next, start the Print app and then open the app you want to print from like your browser or photo album.

Tap the print button when you find what you want to print. For example, in the iPad Safari browser you tap a rectangular box with an arrow pointing to the right at the top of the tool bar. Then tap Print.

The Printer Options window pops up. If the Printer selection says Print via Print n Share then tap the Print button. If it doesn't then you'll have to go back and open Print n Share and come back to your browser to try again.

When the "ready to print" window pops up, tap the View button. If your printer shows up in the next Print window, tap Print. Hopefully, you will get a Now Printing window and hear your printer printing.

That's all there is to it! If anyone finds a shorter process please let me know.

Have a fun day!

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