Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was actually hoping for a conference in Orlando (Micky Mouse and pixie dust) when I got the news that we were going to Baltimore. So, what's to do in Baltimore? Well, actually there was quite a bit.

For one thing, we were lucky enough to have the conference in a hotel on the inner harbor just in time to board two tall sailing ships in the visiting ships program. One was a Brazilian ship and the other had an all-girl crew. Is that great or what?

The Cisne Branco, or "White Swan", was a beautiful ship with a fun crew. They had a great band that played festive music and kept everyone happy.

The Unicorn was part of the Sisters Under Sail program and crewed by all young women. The program helps girls learn teamwork, responsibility, self-reliance and improve self-esteem.

A third tall ship, the USS Constellation, is a permanent fixture of Baltimore and gives you the feel of boarding a ship from the 1800s with a crew in period sailor uniforms. You feel the ship move and the boards creak. You may even get to feel what it was like to be part of the crew - load a cannon, pull the cord and ***BOOM***.

Aside from ships, there was plenty of crabs and other seafood. Another highlight were singing fudge men at the Fudge Factory. (Maybe they were the Fudge Man Group?) But more on this another time! (Photo by Mike Sessums)

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